C-Space+Local - Booth A209

Zhang Miao, Round, 2015, Oil on canvas, brass foundry, 63 x 52cm. Courtesy the artist & C-Space+Local




Liu Yue

He Wei

Wu Di

Zhang Miao


C-Space + Local will present works by five emerging Chinese artists: Nabuqi (1984), Liu Yue (1981), He Wei (1980), Wu Di (1979) and Zhang Miao (1985). Working in different styles and media, their works range from the purely abstract to the borderline of abstraction and figuration. Focusing on experimental forms and keenly aware of the art historical context in which they operate, they have in common that they have freed themselves from the overtly social or political narrative which has dominated so much of Chinese contemporary art in the recent past up to the present day. Their art instead is more experimental and returns to a visual perception of the world around us which provides a refreshing freedom of interpretation and stimulates the viewer to ask questions instead of providing a predetermined and moralistic "message".



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Beijing 100015, China

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