Art’Loft/Lee-Bauwens Gallery - Booth A109

Nam Tchun-Mo, Beam 16-34, 2016, Mixed media on canvas, 195 x 130 cm. Courtesy of the artist and ART'LOFT/Lee-Bauwens Gallery.


The Art'Loft Lee-Bauwens Gallery will present works based on the theme of the "line”; horizontal, vertical, or oblique. Here, the line emphasizes depth, the relief playing on the geometry which constitutes the work. It's a vector of dynamism, manifest from an art form to aesthetic power and abstraction.

The program will include three South Korean artists: Nam Tchun-Mo, Kim Hyun Sik, and Moon-Pil Shim.

Nam Tchun-Mo (B-1961) Through the repetition of simple lines and a mixture of natural colors, Nam Tchun-Mo creates works beyond the boundaries of sculpture and painting. He represents the new generation of the Korean monochrome movement, Dansaekhwa.

Kim Hyun Sik (B-1965) With his work, we enter a world beyond the visible. Completely devoid of form and composed only of lines of color traced through different layers of resin, the artist challenges the visitor's gaze.

Moon-Pil Shim (B-1958) The artist's approach alternates between colored linearity and entanglement of colored fields. Functioning like a rhythm, the parallelisms of the traces that he executes allow kinetic effects to appear through transparent plexiglas or, in his most recent works, through translucent plexiglas.



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