Amy Li Gallery - Booth B213

MA Dan, Encounter in the coffee shop at night, 2017, oil on canvas, 110 x 130 cm. © MA Dan and AMY LI GALLERY.


Amy Li Gallery presents a roster of contemporary Chinese artists from different generations using various mediums such as painting, ink painting, photography, and design. Their creative expression revolves around simplicity and harmony while tackling the issues our society is confronted with on a daily basis and attempting to produce a dialogue between the artist and the viewer.

While artists like Liu Yujie, Ma Dan, Wu Didi and THEY invite us into a world they painted with mastery, the expressive work of Xiao Ge invites us to meditate on human spirituality. With Jin Sha’s brushstrokes, we revisit how Chinese culture is evolving alongside an ever-changing society. Finally, the artist Jing Jing’s work with white candles teaches us to nourish our roots and to learn to adapt in a fast-paced world.

Through this specially curated program, Amy Li Gallery aims to produce a dialogue with the audience, presenting both established and emerging Chinese contemporary artists.



No.54 Caochangdi ( old airport road ), Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015, China

+86 10 64340616