A2Z Art Gallery - Booth A211

Shiori EDA, Terminus, 2017, Mixed media, variable dimensions. Courtesy the artist & A2Z ART GALLERY.



Shiori Eda

Ma Desheng 

Li Donglu

Hom Nguyen

Zhang Litao


Reflecting the spirit of an art fair focused on Asia, the three artists selected by A2Z Art Gallery (Hom Nguyen, a French artist of Vietnamese origin ; Li Donglu, a Chinese artist, and Shiori Eda, a Japanese artist, Ma Desheng, Zhang Litao Chinese artists), represent a Franco-Asian art scene that is developing and shining on an international scale. This Asian melting pot embodies the cultural mixing that we can find in all the countries where these different nationalities are present.

In the future, it would be interesting to juxtapose artists who grew up in France, England, Germany, or even Australia, with Asian artists who grew up in their native countries. This cross-cultural approach, valued year after year by ASIA NOW, would give a unique identity to a generation open to globalization.



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