Bontaro Dokuyama,  War is Over,  video still. Courtesy of the artist.

Bontaro Dokuyama, War is Over, video still. Courtesy of the artist.

Bontaro Dokuyama


Originally from Fukushima, currently working in Tokyo, Dokuyama has witnessed the devastating change after the Fukushima Fallout Disaster in 2011. The profundity of his experience has catapult him into his current art practice. By employing wide-ranging methodologies and approaches including political activism, installation, video, and socially engaged practice, Dokuyama questions our conformity and dependency on a given social mechanism, and seeks to uncover the complexity of the reality which is often hidden from our sight.

Dokuyama won the 2018 Art Action UK Residency Art Award and will give a talk on “Art in the Age of Crisis” at the Deptford X Event Space in London in September 2018.

His current exhibition, “Do the right thing,” explores the narratives of WWII Asian Comfort Women and is on view at the The Library, Arts & Culture Department of the City of Glendale (USA) until September 11, 2018.

War is Over depicts the artist himself shouting “War is over!” at several locations in Okinawa which remind that the bloodiest battle was taken place there at World War II. After the American military occupation of Japan (1945–52), the United States controlled Okinawa until 1972. However numerous U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Air Force bases still remains there up until now. Dokuyama questions the U.S. - Japan relationship in the post-World War II period with his simple gestures.

At ASIA NOW 2018, Bontaro Dokuyama presents War is Over in the exhibition Transitional, curated by Reiko Tsubaki and Hirokazu Tokuyama of the Mori Art Museum