Xiao Ge


Through all sorts of brilliant photographs, the artist Xiao Ge expresses his understanding of the world. There are many different types of photography, but when it touches upon someone’s memory, there is only the fleeting glimpse of a passing beauty – that glimpse of a “frightened goose flying off”, as the Chinese expression has it – and while that glimpse of beauty may not be the most amazing thing in the world, it belongs to that very someone; the magic of photography is based on capturing a real and objective “moment.”

Xiao Ge is an expert on painting and a photographer. He graduated from the Faculty of Arts of Jiangsu University. He has been General Director of Jinling (Nanjing) Hotel's Center for Art and Culture, Director of the Jiangsu Jinling Fine Arts Institute, and Vice-Chairman of the Nanjing City Professional Association of Auctioneers. In 1998, he set foot in Arts and Humanities, receiving the teachings of professors like Shao Huaze or Deng Wei. In 2017, he joined the Magnum Master Class, studying photography with Patrick Zachmann. While travelling around the world, Xiao Ge was attracted to the local habits, customs and mores of the places he visited. As a photographer, he is good at capturing those “moments” of the beauty of the Earth. Xiao Ge was born into an artistic family. He started to study at a very small age by listening and watching and seeing a lot of art with his father. This allowed him to acquire a very high aesthetic taste and creativity. Photography is a particular means of expression; Xiao Ge, through each of his vivid pictures, expresses the individual or collective symbolism of society’s conscious travelers, his understanding of the societies and the habits and customs of the people. At the same time, of course, he wants to impress his own artist’s thinking upon his viewers.     


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