Portrait of Teppei Kaneuji

Teppei Kaneuji


Born in 1978 and living in Kyoto, Teppei Kaneuji is a renowned artist whose work transcends the boundaries between sculpture, theater and performance. In creating these works, he collaborates with a wide range of artists and specialists. For the Kyoto Experiment Festival in 2017, he presented a “live art” stage adaptation of his video work Tower combined with a sculpture, White Discharge. Raising a tower structure on stage that is both abstract and concrete, the work unfolds through a series of collaborative actions with various other artists. Partnering with actor Izumi Aoyagi, video artist Shimpei Yamada, playwright and director Toshiki Okada as well as a cast including the group Contact Gonzo and a text by novelist Shin Fukunaga, Kaneuji’s stage tower summons up an inventive fusion of sculpture and performance. A graduate of the Kyoto City University of the Arts, Kaneuji has had solo and group exhibitions across the world, including the US, China, Korea, Russia, Sweden, Australia, and Italy. His works are part of the permanent collection of the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo.

Teppei Kaneuji at ASIA NOW 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 1:00-2:00pm: Performance, White Discharge

Wednesday, October 17, 5:00-6:00pm: “Teppei Kaneuji & Reiko Tsubaki: conversation” with Teppei Kaneuji, artist and Reiko Tsubaki, curator at the Mori Art Museum

Saturday, October 20, 3:00-4:00pm: White Discharge Kids' Workshop


The artist Teppei Kaneuji and Reiko Tsubaki, Curator at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, discuss the artist's recent sculptures and performances. Kaneuji investigates the mass consumption of contemporary Japanese culture, sourcing materials from everyday life, found objects and manga characters to create sculptures that are at once playful and menacing.