Satoshi Saïkusa , No-Zarashi, Archival print with pigment ink and butterfly, 2017. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie DA-END.

Satoshi Saïkusa


Satoshi Saïkusa was born in 1959 in Japan. He moved to Paris in the mid-80s and began a career as an international photographer. His photographic practice is characterized by a meticulously worked composition down to the smallest detail, just like a director searching for the perfect moment.

For the past ten years, Satoshi Saïkusa has been developing personal projects in which the themes of night, memory, and the fragility of life occur regularly. Whether working on a series of nudes, still lifes or portraits of artists, dancers and yakusas, the Buddhist concept of the impermanence of being seems to engage an incessant dialogue with that of the memento-mori.

Questioning his practice as a photographer, Saïkusa distances himself from the traditional notion of photography. For him, the human eye and the lens of the camera will, in essence, never capture the same image. By composing his "photo-entomological" boxes from multiple composite shots, he intends to visually reconstruct a mental image that would have escaped his camera.


Presented by Galerie DA-END