Courtesy of the artist and Pierre-Yves Caër Gallery

Makiko Kumano


Makiko Kumano was born in Tokyo. After several photography exhibitions in Japan, she discovered the Fresson technique in France and has been using it ever since. A secret process handed down from father to son, the Fresson technique involves developing prints on charcoal paper. This allows the artist to play with the textures and to take shots without retouching the final product, which seems almost abstract to us.

Regardless of whether she is working with film or digital, Makiko Kumano is very sensitive to the simple beauties of nature – for example sandy surfaces – but also to the reflection of city buildings on puddles of water. She is eager to show “this obscure haziness that no word can describe but which speaks for itself.” Several of her works have entered the collection of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.


Presented by Pierre-Yves Caër Gallery