Liu Yujie


Liu Yujie’s works explore the relationship between space and time, exposing the perspective and spatiality of the painting through cutting and reorganizing, and thus making the sense of space and the structure of the work more prominent. In this regard, she has moved away from her former mode of expression through sentimental colors and moves toward a purely rational thinking output. The more mature Liu Yujie likes to study the shades of Western classical paintings and use them to give her works a sense of modernity.

In real life Liu Yujie is an easy-going, fine, slender young woman, but when she is painting she is extremely rational, persistent, and serious. From two-dimensional to multi-dimensional works, flat to voluminous, concrete to abstract, positive to negative space, her exceptional gift for sensing the physical and structural forces brings new accuracy and purity to initially monotonous spaces. Her concepts do not give way to a rational way of thinking but rather lead to a reasonable integration of the work and herself through rigor and steadiness. This exhibition shows Liu Yujie’s latest research and experiments on spatial structure, presenting a full range of real and non-real multi-dimensional space constructed by her.


Presented by Amy Li Gallery