Kim Hyun Sik,  Who likes Orange? , epoxy resin acrylic color, 2017. Courtesy of the artist and ART'LOFT/Lee-Bauwens Gallery

Kim Hyun Sik, Who likes Orange?, epoxy resin acrylic color, 2017. Courtesy of the artist and ART'LOFT/Lee-Bauwens Gallery

Kim Hyun Sik


Born in 1965, Kim Hyun-Sik lives and works in Ulsan, South Korea. He studied painting at the College of Fine Arts of the University of Hongik, Seoul.

With Kim Hyun-Sik there are no audacious formulations, only a masterful technique that sits between tradition and modernity. The interest of his art resides in the quality of the materials used, the resin with which he coats his canvases. The color grafts itself onto this translucent and delicate substance. Then scratchings and scrapings add relief.

Another layer of resin, and more brushstrokes bring the nuances to life, giving depth and a mysterious force to the monochrome abstract work. The work is constructed in layers, strata upon strata. The color, which is as confident as it is vibrant, exalts and intensifies, becomes tangible. The invisible appears, revealing a plastic density that demands the patient gestures and repetitiveness necessary for meticulous application and slow drying.

Kim Hyun-Sik nurtures the divide, constantly employing two registers, two realms. The palpable one of the canvas, but also a much more distant one, the one that we perceive, that we foresee in the tiny grooves that create veins on the surface. From the minuscule to the infinite, visible and invisible intertwine beyond the third dimension. In an attempt to erase limits, the inexpressible palpitates through a membrane of reality.

This fine interlacing, this alternation from one space to another seems like an invitation to a confidential place, meditative and cerebral. Everything here depends on the contrasts, the tension between substance and color : from the exterior to the interior, from what is open to what is closed in, from the perceived to the intimate, from light to shade. We lose our way, and we find ourselves in a work that is as much a chromatic invention as it is conceptual reflection.


Presented by Art'Loft/Lee-Bauwens Gallery