Ikezaki Takyua, Someone's Wish for Someone (Mouse), found Chinese New Year picture, 2013. Courtesy of the artist and S.O.C. Satoko Oe Contemporary.

Ikezaki Takuya


IKEZAKI Takuya was born in 1981 and graduated in 2005 from the oil painting department of Musashino Art University. In 2010 he completed an advanced course in experimental art at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China. Ikezaki conceives three-dimensional spaces as though they were canvases, and the colors and shapes of everyday objects as though they were painted. His artworks consist of everyday objects that have had their meanings redefined, three-dimensional works, film works and photographs. Placed in a space after careful calculation, they seem to entail a depth of Eastern thought that could only be achieved after spending three years in China.


S.O.C Satoko Oe Contemporary

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