Courtesy of the artist and Pierre-Yves Caër Gallery

Courtesy of the artist and Pierre-Yves Caër Gallery

Aya Kawato


Aya Kawato, a 30-year-old Japanese artist, lives and works in Tokyo. On the verge of completing her Ph.D at the Tokyo University of Fine Arts, and working of the question of “Controlled and Uncontrolled,” Aya creates abstract paintings based upon a grid system. In writing her dissertation, she draws upon her own experiences as an artist. Her work combines her knowledge of traditional Japanese textile work, which she studied, and the latest advances in neuroscience. Influenced by the work of her father, a neurosurgeon, she strives to represent the world as it is perceived by the brain. The combination of traditional crafts and new scientific advances are the hallmark of Aya Kawato’s works, and she makes use of this knowledge to create geometrical works.


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