Del Kathryn Barton, you would shoot her down, acrylic on French linen, 2018. Courtesy of the artist and A3

Del Kathryn Barton


Del Kathryn Barton is one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists. The two-time Archibald winner – Australia’s most prestigious portrait painting prize – is best known for her highly detailed and vibrant figurative paintings that draw upon personal and idiosyncratic musings concerning desire, sex, motherhood and the natural world. Her organic compositions encompass a multitude of stippled dots in varying sizes that convey inner spaces where living organisms vibrate beyond their own skins in a miasma of matter. Humans, animals and plants are unbound from their traditionally observed categories in Barton's post-human environs. These beings that inhabit Barton’s pieces are hyper-aware and often reveal erotically charged fantasy worlds. Here, viewers are invited to explore a landscape where everything is fecund and alive. Where no part of the picture plane is without adornment, and no figure or creature is less charmed than any other. In her new series of works for Asia Now 2018, Barton places the female figure in focus. Populated by precisely painted "she beast" creatures, the artist presents a selection of large and small-scale paintings accompanied by two major bronze sculptures that extend her imaginative, creative vision in three-dimensions. 


Presented by A3