Zhan Zhou Art Center (Beijing, China)

Kang Lei, park 2016.prick, Tempera,200×140cm×4.jpg


by Kang Lei and Du Haijun



Kang Lei

Du Haijun


The dual exhibition of Kang Lei and Du Haijun, SHIFT, explores new artistic directions in a contemporary context. Kang Lei uses traditional tempera to give her œuvres a sense of distance. Beyond what appears on the surface – bright colors, hard brush strokes, delicate compositions – there hides more symbolic and metaphoric meanings.

Du Haijun lives and works in Shanghai. Inspired by the active yet hectic metropolitan life, Du turns office buildings, high-speed trains, streets, and figures into compositions of geometric blocks. Although abstract, there are still traces of lives in Du's plane world – a metaphor of the reality in modern cities. Du also takes elements from cities and recreates onto safety facilities such as re hydrants, turning ready-mades into installations that imply the stress and anxiety people are facing in the society.



Beijing Fu Zhan Zhou Culture Art Development Co. Ltd, NO.3 Zhangzhuangbeili West Street, Yancun, Fangshan District, Beijing China