ZETO ART (Paris, France)

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Curated by ZETO ART



Yang Li

Jiani Li

Liang Shan

Zhuo Yu

Xiaoyun Li

Nan Chao

Qin Han


ZETO ART presents an exhibition entitled "migration (迁徙)", bringing together young artists who work actively in France, China and Japan with various media including photography, painting, sculpture, installation, etc. Either forced or by their own will, all the participating artists emigrated from their original cultural contexts to new civilizations, where they now live and explore through works of art. As the phenomenon is directly related to the di erence between the social status of their homelands and the adapted countries, their works reveal di erent perspectives and o er both aesthetic and sociologic value to the discussion on "migration".

ZETO ART is a curatorial team dedicated to promoting young Asian artists from all over the world. For this special project, ZETO ART integrates traditional curatorial approaches with new communication channels, such as live streaming on multiple platforms.