Busan Biennale (Busan, Korea)

Jooyoung Kim, For unknown soul, about a Jossenzing (»‡ÿÏ—)..., 2003, mandala, cotton cloth, lamplight, installation and performance at Akita in Japan.jpg

an/other avant-garde performance

by Jooyoung Kim



Jooyoung Kim


For ASIA NOW's special project, the Busan Biennale exhibition team presents the solo exhibition of Kim Jooyoung, the first generation avant-garde experimental artist in Korea. This exhibition presents Kim's past performance videos and interviews, material and drawing archives, as well as two live performances and one artist's talk. In last year's exhibition an/other avant-garde China-Japan-Korea, Busan Biennale focused on avant-garde art, particularly the avant-garde art in Korea, China and Japan, which received relatively less focus in the west-centered world art history. This exhibition is considered to have contributed greatly to the initiation of the discourse on the Asian avant-garde scene that's currently being discussed.

Kim's works mainly take the form of a ritual performance wishing for the afterlife in the center of life and death, as exemplified in her ceremony
of burning amulets in Taj Mahal (1996) and the ritual in the salt fields in Yanjing (2006). The ritual is the purest and most immersive of human actions for the artist, who expresses that our very life is the momentary residing and encounter in the boundary between life and death.

"The word nomad in human history signifies something that lies inherent in mankind. History is marked by the nomadic drifting of all people who have left for the road, including the Bohemians, the Jewish diaspora of wandering for ethnological and sociological reasons, and the modern-day migrants, refugees and boat people who roam for political reasons. My work is about the ecological circulation of the universe through the process of art, and can be seen to be reaching the spiritual realm of shamanistic and Buddhist circulation."



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