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Gao Weigang


VNH Gallery presents a selection of artworks by the Chinese artist Gao Weigang (born in 1976 in Heilongjiang, China) whose first exhibition in Europe - "Hundred Thousand Light Years"- took place at VNH Gallery during spring 2017.

Gao Weigang is an artist who questions the place of Humankind in the universe and more specifically the games it plays with scales and distances. His exhibitions aim to bring the spectator to question his own condition as well as this idea of a human being able to master every factor of his existence to the point of mastering the mysteries of the universe. Thus, the spectator learns how to relativise his certainties and to exercise humility.

Gao Weigang is very much interested in symbols attached to the idea of crossing such as doors, ladders and stairs. In his work these elements become sort of metaphors of the intellectual path the artist makes you go through, from point A to B of your thinking trajectory. Therefore, he works on these elements by keeping only their main features and characteristics. Plus, by adding this golden completion it finishes to confer them a symbolical scope, so distant from their initial common function. 



108 rue Vieille du Temple
75003 Paris, France