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Tang Chao   


Vanguard Gallery presents a solo exhibition of Tang Chao, a young Chinese artist working on video, photography, theatre play, performance art, and installations. The exhibition features two videos, Besides Salt Lake and Local Photography, with accompanying pictures.

In Local Photography, Tang Chao tried to work with two policemen who were in charge of taking crime scene photographies in his hometown. The video
is close to a documentary film, through which the artist intends to know more about his hometown, especially about his generation. Tang Chao's works become more abstract after Local Photography. In his latest work Besides Salt Lake, by exploring the compatibility of time, Tang Chao changes the angles of how people see things, and breaks the conventional ways of seeing.

In his statement, Tang Chao expresses, "the sight began to become light, and the camera replaced 'me', wandering in the woods and cities, the water and
the air, the screens and daily life. These things finally began to splice themselves into a new filtered one."



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