The Drawing Room 

The Drawing Room, Asia Now, Paris (18–22 October 2017). Courtesy Ocula. 13 Charles Roussel..jpg


Gaston Damag

Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan

Issay Rodriguez

Manuel Ocampo

Louie Talents

Robert Gutierrez 



The Drawing Room presents six artists representing the expanse of Philippine contemporary art and society. Their works draw from notions of transition, the shaping of histories simultaneously inherited and lived, and conceptions of the image and context as they are perceived within realities.

Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan's collaborative projects concern with keeping the home, finding and defining identity, dealing with the hardship of journey, orienting oneself in displacement, sensing presences in absence and accumulating memory.

Gaston Damag investigates the canonical representation of ethnographic objects, fusing ethnographic symbols of his material culture in the Cordillera region in the Northern Philippines along with diverse modern industrial materials to address the ways a non-western ethnic culture can navigate around a cultural perspective dominated by the West.

Manuel Ocampo's shows are often constructed around contradictory tendencies, elaborating discrepancies between what a painting appears to be and how it behaves in relation to the structures that legitimate its appearance.

Issay Rodriguez' works are autobiographical in nature with some creative efforts in between to overcome quasi-solipsism and isolation caused by the daily dose of technology that envelopes post-modern life.

Louie Talents' body of works deal with diary as an art form. In line with this, he explores new diary works on visual and narrative possibilities inspired from his childhood memories and from his travels to 20 countries around the world.

Robert Gutierrez uses a variety of images, references, and intentionally tangled combination of techniques, putting all these complexities into simple pictorial forms. The idea of shapeshifting and folk stories significantly comes into the picture ltered through his cultural Filipino background. 



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