The Columns Gallery 

Lee Ufan, With Winds, oil and mineral pigments on canvas, 72.7x60cm, 1986-1987.JPG


Chung Sang Hwa

Ha Chong Hyun

Lee Ufan

Lee Dong Yub

Ryu Dong Ryong

Yun Hyong Keun 




The Columns Gallery presents Dansaekhwa, a type of authentic Korean art meaning monochrome or monotone painting. Although it emerged in the 1970s, it earned its rightful title and global recognition only recently.

Despite the similarities that it has with the Western art, Dansaekhwa holds its unique meaning in Korean culture and philosophy. The Columns Gallery presents 6 Dansaekhwa artists: Lee Ufan, Yun Hyong Keun, Ha Chong Hyun, Chung Sang Hwa, Lee Dong Yub and Ryu Dong Ryong. These artists are frontiers in modernizing Korean art, which started from the Informal Movement in the late 1950s to the Dansaekhwa Movement in the 1970s. In their works, they seek to reform the old artistic structural conventions of the Korean art scene and greatly contributed to the Korean modern art. 



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