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Shen Wei, Cherry Blossoms, 2015, Chromogenic Print, 76.2x114.3cm.JPG


Chen Hangfeng

Shen Wei   


SinArts Gallery presents the works of Shen Wei and Chen Hangfeng, both born in Shanghai, China. In this duo show, Shen's personal and intimate quest is combined with Chen's more socially engaged art works commenting on the globalization of visual imagery and the loss of a unique culture.

The works of Shen Wei embark on a journey across 5 continents, binding the influence of traditional themes of Chinese art with the ancient Chinese philosophy of Qi. His series Between Blossoms shifts between nude self-portraits and iconic images of a flowering peach tree, a cherry tree branch or piles of bamboo – references to the Daoist representation of the classic virtues of a scholar.

Much like Shen Wei, Chen Hangfeng uses the iconic representation of classic virtues in nature using disposable materials to comment on the changes taking place in society today. Chen uses his œuvre to investigate the influence of Eastern and Western cultures on each other. Chen's paintings plants typical Chinese trees in European landscape prints, or implant logos of western multinationals in traditional Chinese papercuts, through which he laments the loss of traditional Chinese imagery and visual language.



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