Primo Marella Gallery & Primae Noctis Gallery 

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Nguyen Thai Tuan

Robert Zhao

Ruben Pang

Ronald Ventura

Sharma Jeremy

Sugiyama Kenji 



Primo Marella Gallery and Primae Noctis Gallery presents a new co-curated project with works from some of their most interesting Asian artists, spanning from China to the Philippines, from Vietnam to Singapore. Participating artists include: Kenji Sugiyama, Ronald Ventura, Nguyen Thai Tuan, Ruben Pang, Robert Zhao and Jeremy Sharma.

The selected works intend to convey the polysemantic language of the Asian context in relation to the power of international influences. Inscribed within this interchange, these works defy the convention of geographically grounding an Asian artist to his/ her birthplace, rather than recognizing the artist as an individual who is not simply a product of a geographically bounded socio-political location. 



Milan : Via Valtellina corner Viale Stelvio, 66 20159 Milan — Italy +39 0287384885 

Lugano : Via Canonica
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