Pierre-Yves Caër Gallery 

Chisato Tanaka, Nostalgia, 2017. Acrylic on canvas, 130x193cm.jpg


Mark Vassallo

Nakajima Hiroyuki

Nakazato Shinya

Nara Yuki

Onodera Yuki

Tanaka Chisato  


Pierre-Yves Caër Gallery presents six artists, fourof whom are exhibited for the rst time in France. Subjects in Chisato Tanaka's paintings seem to get lost in deep black oceans, where they appear ghostlike and mysterious. Shinya Nakazato's works are on the border of photography and painting, both fascinating yet unsettling the viewer. Through various manipulations in her photographies, Yuki Onodera enables us to see what our eyes no longer see or have never seen before. Calligrapher Hiroyuki Nakajima paints standing up, barefoot, his medium lying on the oor. He challenges tradition by working sometimes on canvas, or adding acrylic and colors to some of his works: only serenity matters. Mark Vassallo, who was born in the UK and has been living in Japan for 25 years, creates ower photographies whose subjects look exquisitely delicate and soft, like the nest Japanese ceramics. Yuki Nara, an architect and descendant of the Ohi family – a long lineage of well renowned ceramists in Japan – looks for ways of using the most recent architectural modeling tools in the traditional family process of creation. He is the avant-garde of a light, transparent and poetic ceramics style. 



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