Magda Danysz Gallery

Asia Now 2017, Asia Now, Paris 18–22 October 2017 Courtesy Ocula. Photo Charles Roussel..jpg


Liu Bolin

Zhang Dali


Gardens in Asia are anchored into ancient traditions. They are found in private houses, temples, historical sites or public places in the cities. They are lively, entertaining places where people stroll; they are a magical, miniature cosmos where artists try to recreate a picture of an ideal nature. They come across as a constant compromise between the aesthetics and the symbolics. And after all, the art of garden belongs to the sacred art like calligraphy and poetry.

Magda Danysz Gallery builds a symbolic Asian garden that, like in the Buddhist philosophy, hides details from the first sight while offering different interpretations and meditations inside. The Danysz Gallery presents works by artists such as Liu Bolin or Zhang Dali. With his unique cyanotype technic, Zhang Dali shares his vision of these dreamy gardens.

Liu Bolin on the other hand presents some of his latest sculptures. Entitled When you see me, I see you, these operate a real dialogue about Art through the eras (with many cultural references) but also the relation we have nowadays with image, social networks or surveillance cameras.



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