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Asia Now 2017, Asia Now, Paris 18–22 October 2017. Courtesy Ocula. Photo  Charles Roussel..jpg


Cai Zebin         Guo Cheng     Hou Zichao       Ju Anqi               Li Tingwei          Pu Yingwei    Shen Han          Shi Yiran           Wu Xinmo        Xie Kan              Xie Yi           Zheng Mengzhi Zhong Yunshu


J: Gallery presents works by a group of artists: Cai Zebin, Guo Cheng, Hou Zichao, Li Tingwei, Pu Yingwei, Shen Han, Shi Yiran, Wu Xinmo, Xie Kan, Xie Yi, Zheng Mengzhi, Zhong Yunshu, and Ju Anqi.

Although most of the artists share a similar multi-cultural education background, their works manifest individual critical thinking and unique ways of representation in a global perspective. The exhibition includes artworks of various mediums including painting, sculpture, installation, and video, seeking to produce a multi-media space which animates the works as well as invites the audience to enter and interact with them.



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