Gallery Baton

Gallery Baton, Asia Now, Paris (18–22 October 2017). Courtesy Ocula. Photo 4 Charles Roussel..jpg


Bin Woo Hyuk Chung Chi Yung Suzanne Song


Gallery Baton which has emerged as an influential contemporary art gallery in Korea since its inception in 2011 presents works by three Korean artists that represent the current state of contemporary art in Korea.

Chung Chi Yung (b. 1972), Suzanne Song (b.1974) and Bin Woo Hyuk (b. 1981), artists who apply monochromatic painting schemes presents innovative interpretations of materials that extend the possibilities of substance and space depicted while challenging the viewer to leave behind preconceived ideas of those subject matters.

Given the international recognition the Dansaekhwa Movement has received in recent years, it is a vital time to see how a new generation of Korean artists – while connecting to their roots – are breaking new ground and creating works that appeal to a greater global audience.



65, Apgujeong-ro 29-gil, Gangnam-gu
06005 Seoul — Korea