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Kwon Hayoun Truc-Anh
Yan Heng



Galerie Sator has been involved with the contemporary Asian scene since its inception and is now pleased to present three artists it regularly collaborates with: Yan Heng (China), Hayoun Kwon (Korea) and Truc-Anh (Vietnam).

Born in 1982 in Jinzhou, Yan Heng lives and works in Beijing. Regularly exhibited in Asia, his paintings and installations are dedicated to humanity in relation to knowledge, science and technology, and modern society with its various forms of enslavement.

Born in 1981 in Korea, Hayoun Kwon lives and works in Paris. A virtual reality videographer, Hayoun Kwon is interested in individual and collective memory.
A pioneer in her eld, she combines the exploration of new technologies with new forms of narration. She has just presented L'Oiseleuse at the Palais de Tokyo. 



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