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Son Il


Galerie NOEJ presents a solo exhibition of South Korean artist Son Il. The Korean alphabet is composed of a series of syllabic characters, called Hoonminjungeum at its creation in the 15th century which means "the sounds that are suitable for enlightening the people." Son Il's original approach is found in the contrast resulting from the roughness versus the softness and purity of the papers he uses, mulberry named dak, and the felt-like thickness of their vegetable fibers. With various synthetic supports or clay, Son Il carved each alphabet character using a high-pressure sand blasting gun. Once the sculpture of these characters is completed, layers of mulberry, dak, fiber are meticulously fused creating traditional Korean paper, hanji. 

The use of these material is an expression of the essence of the Korean culture, of which the original printing plates of this ancient Korean alphabet are not conserved. Son Il hopes to revive them through his aesthetic research, and as the artist says, "my creations require a lot of attention, care, and patience and the process of creation is my daily meditation."



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