Galerie Maria Lund

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Min Jung-Yeon Shoi

You Hye Sook


Galerie Maria Lund presents three Korean artists, whose works share great sensuality and a form of animality through different approaches. Min Jung-Yeon (1979) explores the fluctuating space of memory through recollections of places and specific situations that feed a parallel universe where onirism, the imaginary and very precise incursions of reality coexist. 

You Hye Sook (1964) is guided by intuition and instinct, using very few means in order to let shapes and statements emerge from matter. A sensorial world, both anonymous and familiar arises through the artist's gaze, in which a game of appearance and disappearance takes place. An expression of personal mythologies, the works of Shoi (1983) are marked by humor.

They allow one to live again, exorcise, overcome a past experience in the spirit of a shamanic rite of passage. Here, the aquatic element is the symbol of an elsewhere, a libertarian and liberating journey.



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