Galerie Liusa Wang

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Guo Donglai    Tong Kunniao Zhao Duan


Galerie Liusa Wang was established in Paris in 2013, aiming at constantly introducing talented emerging contemporary artists to the European
art scene. Galerie Liusa Wang presents Zhao Duan, Tong Kunniao, Guo Donglai, three young Chinese artists with a mixture of paintings, installations
and live performances.

Zhao Duan, sensitive to the fragile traces of human gestures, seeks to explore
the intangible yet intrinsic relationship between body and existence through her performances.

Tong Kunniao is known for his eccentric and visually intrusive mechanical installations, which are rooted in an act of reconstructing antique and nostalgic toys, groceries or cultural icons with a sense of "black humor".

Guo Donglai persists in exploring the poetic encounters of natural materials and artificialities, where a minimalist and austere aesthetic language silently describes the inner beauty of each object.



15 boulevard Saint-Germain 75005 Paris — France

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