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Asia Now 2017, Asia Now, Paris 18–22 October 2017. Courtesy Ocula. Photo Charles Roussel..jpg


Ling Jian            Lu Xinjian      Zhang Zhenyu Zhang Ji


Fabien Fryns Fine Art presents works by four Chinese artists with whom it has a long relationship: Lu Xinjian, Zhang Zhenyu, Ling Jian, and Zhang Ji.

Lu Xinjian's latest series, Reflections, focuses on urban forms that seek tranquility and transcendence through the reflective and meditative qualities of water or polished surfaces. Lu's works present both the concrete reality of the structure's form as well as the illusion captured by a tangential surface. The solid forms are softened and animated in these reflective surfaces, and the reflected images focus the mind beyond the physical symbols toward the ideals they are meant to represent. Four monumental landmarks, i.e. the Grand Palais, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe and Mount St Michel and its bay, are presented at ASIA NOW Paris.

In his most recent series entitled Dust, Zhang Zhenyu uses plain dust as medium, referring to the polluted situation in Beijing where the artist works. Even more so, the dust takes on a metaphysical dimension. Zhang applies layer upon layer of dust onto the canvas, which turns into a mirror effect after weeks of intense polishing. The reflection of the viewers merges into the transformed dust of the work, achieving a poetic and Taoist allegory of our human existence.



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