Art'LOFT/Lee-Bauwens Gallery

Shim Moon-Pil, Untitled, Mixed media, Reflections on folded paper, 28x72x6cm, 2006.jpg


Kim Hyun Sik

Shim Moon Pil

Whan Namgoong


Art'LOFT/Lee Bauwens Gallery presents a selection of three Korean artists whose works combine different techniques: from traditional materials to innovative technique. The choice of these artists reflects a Korean society in balance between its tradition and modernity.

The works of Hyun Sik Kim (1965) lead viewers to enter beyond the visible world. Completely devoid of form and composed only of layered lines of color, the artist makes experimental excursions into the world beyond the visible.

Namgoong Whan's (1975) drawings are made with a thick brush full of ink. When in contact with paper and water, ink diffuses depending on the speed and precise gesture of the artist. Namgoong Whan manages to give life to his works with a subtle play of depth blending the blur and the net, creating
a spiritual dimension from which emerges a rare visual energy.

The artistic approach of Shim Moon-Pil (1958) is based on transparency, sharpness, attened colors, colored lines and Plexiglas. These lines, spaced or close, modulate his work which pulls the perception towards a recessed space.



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