Aike-Dellarco, Asia Now, Paris (18–22 October 2017). Courtesy Ocula. Photo 3 Charles Roussel..jpg


Wang Yi


AIKE DELLARCO presents an exhibition of the young Shanghai-based artist Wang Yi. Shifting from his earlier pictorial style to absolute abstraction, Wang Yi's recent works inhere minimalism infused with the unique sense of light and color.

Focusing on investigating complexity through easiness and purity, he researches on deconstruction and reconstruction of a specific space that becomes obscure, and through imbuing colors gives the viewers a unique sensation of light, space and color interconnection.

Fascinated by the glazing techniques usually used in traditional oil paintings and the transparent atmosphere it gains, Wang Yi applies this technique into his abstract works. With the use of only two or three colors in one painting, he overlays thin brushes repeatedly on the same canvas as an ascetic, eventually creating a retinal game while treating painting itself as a ritual.

Being one of the important young Chinese artists, Wang Yi interrogates relationships between experience and reality, individuality and entirety. He's aware of humanity confronting complex structures of society comprised of otherness and risking to entomb aspiration for individuality under massive ows of information, therefore he uses the rational approach of overlapping colors to represent the essence of society, distinctiveness of humankind and absoluteness.



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