A Thousand Plateaus Art Space

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Chen Qiulin

Feng Bingyi

Wang Chuan

Wang Jun

Yang Shu


A Thousand Plateaus Art Space presents art works by Chen Qiulin, Feng Bingyi, Wang Chuan, Wang Jun and Yang Shu, of various media including painting, photography, video, installation etc. Born between the 1950s and the 1990s, these artists and their works are important in o ering a glimpse into Chinese contemporary art.

Chen Qiulin's works often combine social problems and her personal experience in the process of the rapid development in China, showing her consistent awareness about society and the deepening exploration of the contemporary video languages, at the same time guiding the audience to think about changes in social environment and living space. Chen Qiulin's works are exhibited and collected by many domestic and international museums and art institutions.

Feng Bingyi's photographies contain obvious personal experience. These narrative, artistic and visual image have received a broad attention.

Wang Chuan and Yang Shuo are two important artists in non-representational painting in China. Wang Chuan is known for his lasting and deep abstract paintings. Since he abandoned the realistic paintings in 1985, he has made great achievements in the development of abstract painting. no. 2, is one of the representative works of his recent works with evident self-healing characteristics. This painting was exhibited in the exhibitions Multiverse and Abstract China 2016 at the 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum in Shanghai, as well as other important exhibitions.

In Yang Shuo's works, there is not only a strong explosive force and occasional spontaneity, but also a more sensual and worldly side, which can be seen as the pure meaning of the paintings.



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