313 Art Project



Je Yeoran

Lee Wan

Park Kiwon


313 Art Project presents the works of three Korean artists, including Lee Wan, Kiwon Park, and Yeoran Je. Lee Wan, who represents Korea Pavilion at 57 Venice Biennale, especially poses socially admonishing questions and enlightens audiences to perceive the world in true manners.

Lee Wan sharply inspects modern social systems and visualizes them through various media in order to criticize standardization, or de-individualization, of irresistible social structure. He laments deprivation of humanity and personality in modern society and seeks for humane interactions. In the recent painting series, Lee underscores unproportionate rewards of labor and poses questions on true value of working.

Kiwon Park is a minimal artist of Korea, who creates both installation and painting works. He visualizes ordinary materials in unusual manners to suggest different perspectives of understanding media and space. In the paintings series, he uses light yet strong strokes to record ambience of certain memorable sites.

Yeoran Je is an abstract painter who has been using squeegees for decades to establish unique aesthetic sense. She dismantles organized compositions
and merges subject into a background, and by doing so, she harmonizes the works with environments and delivers shivering energy of nature.



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