• London, United Kingdom

    Teow Yue Han

    represented by news of the world

    news of the world is a curator’s research studio and its programme unfolds unplanned, driven only by the imperative to reveal thinking processes in contemporary visual media. It is artist-run and curated by Pierre Coinde on an entirely non-commercial and not-for-profit basis.

    Whilst many smart cities are emerging around the world, Singapore’s Smart Nation seeks to establish itself as the world’s first to incorporate a holistic, all-round vision. Technology builders and entrepreneurs are encouraged to leverage Singapore’s smart infrastructure and use the nation as a living laboratory to test new ideas with global potential. With a prosperous economy and 99% of its households connected, Singapore is deploying a strategy which brings together government, private sector and citizens working as partners towards this sustainable algorithm-based future.

    Teow Yue Han’s installation Performing the Smart Nation interrogates what defines a Smart nation: the use of advanced technology to manage the city’s infrastructure and processes? A hyper-connected community deployed to its most efficient capability? Can a nation be governed by algorithms, where all is quantifiable -and quantified-, and the whole is the sum of the mass data?

    The artist projects the viewer into this near-future, visualising human-technology interactions. How do bodies move within this apparatus of interfaces and sensors? What can or cannot be quantified? How are the citizens of a Smart nation connected, mobilised and even integrated within this new urban development?

    Performing the Smart Nation seeks to engage this corporate vision by finding new performance strategies within choreography — a system which itself thrives on bringing physical expression and its potentialities to the fore. It reimagines the social kinaesthetic by transforming the exhibition space into a site of transmission, play, collaboration and new relational models.


Teow Yue Han, Performing the Smart Nation, 2016, Installation with single-channel video loop, galvanised tubes with connectors, black acrylic, Samsung 28” LCD screen, Genius speakers and mixed media. Courtesy the artist and news of the world