Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    Chan Dany
    Than Sok
    Vuth Lyno
    Yim Maline
    Tith Kanitha

  • SA SA BASSAC is a non-for-profit gallery, reading room and resource center dedicated to Cambodian contemporary visual culture and its histories. Their program in Phnom Penh focuses on singular exhibitions of new work by Cambodian artists and guest-curated collaborative projects, all of which inspire multivocal educational programs. They partner with local, regional and international institutions, residencies, museums, and galleries to expand networks and knowledge for artists and audiences alike. SA SA BASSAC was co-founded in 2011 by Stiev Selapak artist collective and curator Erin Gleeson.

Than Sok, Srie Bun, 2016, Installation of five garments. Courtesy the artist and SA SA BASSAC

Longstanding traditions and histories of Cambodia become points of adjustment and play today. The ethereal wire-woven sculptures by Tith Kanitha and bling plastic plaques by Chan Dany variously reinterpret forms and functions of celebrated weaving customs. Theatrical masking takes new meaning in Vuth Lyno’s photographs, performing LGBTQ identities and narratives. Than Sok’s installation reveals holes in each of the five symbolic colors of Cambodia’s Theravada Buddhist robes, challenging hierarchical notions of sect and rank at the moral core of society. And while Yim Maline’s unglazed ceramic sculptures eerily hint at bones, she insists they are personified post-war dolls, or, maybe ghosts.