Conversations Platform

Thursday 20 October 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Translation, as an exhibition material
Jean-Max Colard (art critic and curator), Chou Yu-cheng (Taiwanese Artist)
Moderated by He Jing
(editor-in-chief of LEAP French Edition and deputy editorial director of LEAP)

Friday 21 October 11am – 12pm
China’s new generation artists
in international art scene
Michael Xufu Huang (co-founder of M WOODS), Karen Levy (founder of the art of this century), Eugenio Re Rebaudengo (founder of artuner), moderated
by Alexandra Fain (co-founder
& director of asia now)

Friday 21 October 3pm – 4pm
Alors, la Chine? The challenge of today’s Chinese art scene in international museum collections
Bernard Blistène (director and head curator of the Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Pompidou), Yung Ma (curator, contemporary and prospective creations department,
Centre Pompidou), moderated by Jerome Sans (artistic director, co-founder of the Palais de Tokyo, former director of the Ullens Center of Contemporary art,
co-founder of Perfect Crossovers, co-artistic director of the Grand Paris Express)

Friday 21 Oct 4:30pm – 5:30pm
South East Asia Now
Herve Mikaeloff (independent curator and consultant
in contemporary art), Matthias Arndt (specialist of the Southeast Asian scene, founder of Arndt Art Agency), Gaston Damag (Paris-based artist from Philippines), Cesar Villalon (founder and director of The Drawing Room), Pierre Coinde (founder of
news of the world), Teow Yue Han (artist from Singapour)

Saturday 22 Oct 4:30pm – 5:30pm
The Body of Contemporary Art Today
River Lin (Paris based performance artist from Taiwan), Smaranda Olcèse-Trifan (independent art critic)
moderated by Agnès Violeau (curator of performances)


Performing the Smart Nation: Installation and Performance by Teow Yue Han presented by news of the world :

Thursday 20 October :
3:30pm – 4:15pm,  7pm – 7:40pm

Friday 21 October :
3:30pm – 4:15pm, 7pm – 7:40pm

Saturday 22 October :
3:30pm – 4pm, 5:30pm – 6:15pm

Sunday 23 October:
1pm – 1:45pm, 3:30pm – 4:15pm

Saturday 22 Oct ober : 4pm – 4:25pm

20 Minutes for the 20th Century,
but Asian choreographed by River Lin :

Saturday 22 October : 4pm – 4:25pm